How To Determine The Best Preschool For Your Child

It’s finally time to let the young one leave the nest for the first time. Day care centres notwithstanding, preschool or nursery is where your child will receive his/ her first exposure to structured education. It is important that the nursery you choose provides the correct influence as it will determine your child’s opinion and experience of school later on. Finding the right nursery will not be easy so follow the guidelines given below:

Always Tour the Grounds

Just like you should never choose a house through a catalogue alone, you must never select a nursery for your child without seeing it first. It may have high testimonials from celebrities, your friends and family, but until you see it for yourself, you will never completely understand whether it’s a good fit for your child. Remember, you know your child best so you will understand whether or not they will be comfortable in the nursery you select. Sometimes, nurseries may be misrepresented on their websites, with indoor facilities being top- grade but located in an unsafe neighbourhood. Make an inspection to confirm everything before you make a final decision.

Safety and Hygiene is Paramount

Since this is the first time that your child will be exposed to the wider world outside your conscientious eye they will naturally catch colds, coughs and retain a few cuts and bruises – all part of growing up. Most childcare institutions have special safety and health regulations so pay close attention to whether they are complied with. There should be safety surfaces for play areas, guard railings for every ledge, stairway and balcony, caution tape for steps and electrical sockets must be out of reach of children.

These will ensure that your child remains safe and healthy during their term at nursery school. Broken bones can be prevented with safety surfaces for play areas, and proper sanitation can prevent common colds and coughs before they take root.

Montessori Certification

Almost every country has an administrative body that oversees and regulates preschool education, be it nursery, kindergarten or Montessori. These institutions usually have strict standards regarding educational principles, safety, teacher and caretaker qualification and student population. There will usually be a grading system, with the overall score reflecting the nature of the nursery being evaluated. Make sure on your inspection of the nursery that it has all the proper certification. If it’s not displayed, ask to see it. It’s very easy for a hack nursery to trick potential parents by having a fancy website, false testimonials and subpar standards.