Air Conditioners: Dos And Don’ts

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Buying an air conditioner can turn out to be a formidable task in spite of innumerable google searches or friendly advice from neighbours, friends or family. The moment you walk into a showroom you are bombarded with countless choices, from the type of unit to buy to the size and company. Irrespective of which air conditioning unit you own, here are some rules which state the gospel truth about maintaining your air conditioners in pristine state.

Rule 1: Installation

Although installation can appear a simplified task put together in “Do It Yourself” videos splashed on the internet, this is the most important step in ensuring a properly functioning device. Air conditioning installation should be done by people with sound technical knowledge. One can hire electrical services Carindale available online for the same and get professional electricians for air conditioning unit installation.

Rule 2: Maintenance

Like all other electrical equipment, air conditioners also need regular maintenance. The maintenance however is subjective and varies depending on hours of use, climate and the dirt / dust in the area. Shallow cleaning of filters and regular check up of sir ducts must be carried to ensure efficient functioning of all components.

Rule 3: Keep outside unit clean

An air conditioning unit has one unit fitted into the room while the other unit placed outside. The two are connect via a system of air ducts. While the inside unit remains clean being a part of the house, the outside unit often has accumulation of dirt and dust. Always ensure the cleanliness around this external unit as that may clog the sir ducts and reduce the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner.

Rule 4: Don’t repair or replace old parts by yourself

Air conditioners are very sensitive equipment. One should never attempt repairing or replacing old parts without professional advice or supervision. This can lead to greater damage to the overall device and may even lead to equipment failure. Buy only trusted and branded spare parts for prolonging longevity of your air conditioner.

Rule 5: Don’t ignore signs

One of the earliest signs in any component failure in equipment is noise, lower cooling efficiency or sudden increase in electricity bills. A thorough check up and diagnosis of the problem can lead to early assessment and rectifying it. Ignoring these signs and not taking immediate remedial measures can cause untoward harm to your machine.

These are the basic rules for maintaining your air conditioning units at home and work for a hassle-free cooling experience. If you follow them you are sure to be safe.